Our Trackers

Sonnen_system is the world‘s most reliable and comprehensive solution for tracking systems. The innovative technology of our trackers generates a solar energy surplus of up to 50% compared to fixed-mount PV installations.

Sosy S_380

single axis

sonnen_systems has brought in all of its knowledge, skills and technological expertise to design the next level of tracking technology, the new SoSy S_380.

Sosy D_60

dual axis

D_60 is the historical product of sonnen_systems, counting on over 20.000 systems installed all over the world: Canada, US, Europe, ME, Africa and Australia.

Sosy D_130

dual axis

sonnen_systems has set a new milestone in the dual-axis tracker market with the 5th generation of its main tracker system, with a flexible PV mounting surface of up to 131 sq. meters.

Our Services

Our experienced customer service team is fully prepared to assist you with any issues that may arise with sonnen_systems. As our systems are designed and manufactured in-house we are in an unrivalled position to offer knowledgeable support as well as easy access to our highly skilled team of engineers.

  • Maintenance and remote
  • 5 years parts guarantee
  • Maintenance and remote
  • 20 years parts guarantee
monitor & reporting
additional module
  • Monitoring
manage & operate
additional module
  • Active deployment

RePowering: our vision

Each tracker has the potential to optimize the production of photovoltaic modules.
The increased expenses for the purchase of these components must be compensated by the higher yield due to the tracking. If electronic or mechanical problems do not allow a very high ratio of availability of the tracker, production drops down dramatically.
The effort for the maintainance of the systems has to be suitable for the purpose: an excessive need of maintenance, vanishes the results.
sonnen_systems with its experience of over twenty years with its own control board SolTrk, recognized as strong and efficient, and thirty years of experience in mechanical construction, can provide the right solution by adapting its electronics to existing trackers and building special trims to recover structural problems.

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sonnen_systems Canada, Inc.
2155 Leanne Blvd, Unit 115

Mississauga, ON. L5K 2K8

sonnen_systems is a Kirchner Solar Group company.
The german solar tracking pioneer Kirchner Solar Group is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, cost-effective, reliable and robust solar tracking systems. Its KSI department supports the customers with leading solar tracking expertise.