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Our experienced customer service team is fully prepared to assist you with any issues that may arise with sonnen_systems. As our systems are designed and manufactured in-house we are in an unrivalled position to offer knowledgeable support as well as easy access to our highly skilled team of engineers.

Our service team are able to monitor all systems installed globally, allowing the majority of problems to be resolved rapidly via remote access. To ensure we maintain the highest technical standards, we regularly carry out internal training as well as providing further development for our subcontractors. This guarantees a high level of up-to-date knowledge and expertise amongst our employees and partners.

In addition to our modular maintenance package which includes regular servicing, we also offer extended warranty options of up to 20 years.

Service Concept

and remote
Parts guarantee On-site service Monitoring Active deployment
support basic 5 years
support advanced
support total
Additional module
monitor & reporting
Additional module
manage & operate
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