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track_app™ to be Launched at Solar Power International 2011 in Dallas

track_app for iPad and iPhone

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Richmond, CA, – October 14, 2011 –sonnen_systems will launch its newest product, the track_app™ at the Solar Power International 2011 in Dallas, Texas. On Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 11am, the company will present the track_app™ at the sonnen_systems booth #5150. The presentation will detail the difference between the two track_app™ versions, track_app™ basic and track_app™ expert, illustrate its various functionalities and uses and will even give the audience a chance to try it themselves.

"We are very excited to launch our latest product development, the track_app™, for our high-performing, high-quality dual-axis tracking systems. We decided that the Solar Power International as the country's most prestigious solar industry trade show is the right place to do this. We would like to invite everyone to visit our booth and to get insights on our full-sized sonnen_system tracker and see how to use the track_app™ to control it!" says Jochen Marg, CEO of sonnen_systems, Inc.

Whereas the track_app™ basic is a purely iPhone based application for residential customers, the track_app™ expert is designed exclusively for the iPad, catering to large-scale installations. Track_app™ expert allows the user not only to monitor the inverter output and weather data, but also motor currents, position angles and all other relevant data, which is pictured in real-time on an easy-to-read display. The one-finger_touch allows the operator to manually drive the tracker into any desired position for improved analytics, and an integrated webcam lets the user view the entire system in real-time.

sonnen_systems, Inc. Opens North American Headquarters to Support New Markets

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Richmond, CA, – October 11, 2011 – sonnen_systems Inc., a global manufacturer of dual-axis tracking systems,
is expanding its operations in North America. Customers in the US will be supported from the new office and warehouse in Richmond, California, located close to downtown San Francisco.

According to the Mayor of Richmond, Gayle McLaughlin, "sonnen_systems has done business in many other countries and they could have landed anywhere in the Bay Area. They chose an area that is solar-ready with a trained workforce and an excellent location to major markets. The City of Richmond is proud to expand our local solar and green technology business cluster with the world-class product from sonnen_systems."

"We just arrived in town this month and are already working with city and community groups on our first installation in Richmond," said sonnen_systems CEO, Jochen Marg. "Right now, we have offices and assembly areas. As we add production and warehousing to support the West Coast operations, new employees will be brought on from the local community."

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