Leading Tracking Technology


sonnen_systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of dual-axis tracking photovoltaic systems. Developed with the aim of maximising output of solar energy, our products are characterised by unrivalled precision, efficiency and quality.

At the heart of our solar power generation units is an astronomic control system, co-developed in an exclusive partnership with SMA Solar Technology AG. This astronomical control system enables our photovoltaic panels to follow the course of the sun throughout the day, generating up to 45% more power than fixed solar panels.

Unlike space-intensive static solar units, the innovative design of our photovoltaic systems frees up ground space, allowing the units to be deployed in mixed-use scenarios. Available ground space, such as agriculture or car parks, can be used to further increase operational efficiency.

sonnen_systems, Inc. offers direct sales to system partners as well as complete turnkey solutions for solar parks. Our premium systems can be found in a large number of photovoltaic power plants across four continents.

Leading tracking technology – for a future of sustainable energy production

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